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July 13 '12

By Admin
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Top tips for saving time in InDesign

If you are like me then these tips will be really useful in minimising those common typo errors. Being no stranger to spelling mistake and grammer errors I have come across some tips to help (and you) elimate these problems leaving me more time to concreate on what I love most, design.

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April 19 '11

By Kristian Ulrich Larsen
Posted in Design
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What is being creative?

A reflection on What it means to be creative.
Original music by Palmer Taylor

Featuring the Flip phone. Flip phone is based on a concept concieved during a 6 week long workshop done by my self Kristian Ulrich Larsen, Ewa Sendecka, Jeppe Vestergård and Victoria Kusk. It was then developed further for a semester by Kristian Ulrich Larsen as part of his MA program at Kolding school of design

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Jan 01 '12

By Admin
Posted in Fashion
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Paws Designs just had a makeover

Yes that is right, the long awaited and urgently needed website makeover has finally been completed. Today I am pulling back sheets as I run the site through beta testing while fine tuning any kinks. After long speculation I have also decide to connect into the social world, so be on look out of my facebook, twitter, vimeo, flicker and of course this blog as I prepare to hookup into the system and snare my knowledge and news on all things designs. I will also giving Creative suite tips/tutorials, getting involve in media debate as posting other artists work that i see as inspiration. If this tinkles your curiouisity please check back regularly to see what's new.

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